Teams are the way work is done in organizations today, yet many teams are not as effective as they could be. Barbara works with leaders and teams to develop the discipline and best practices that lead to successful collaboration and high-performing teams.

Through skilled meeting planning, facilitation and coaching, Barbara helps teams gain clarity about roles and shared objectives; develop meeting skills and tools for working together; and builds trust and respect among members.

The results are focused discussions, engaged participants, and defined actions, plus aligned expectations for working together that ensure that high performance continues in the future.



Team Development can help if you are:

  • Forming a new team or collaboration
  • Needing to improve functioning of existing teams to get better or faster results
  • Dealing with the challenges of geographically dispersed teams
  • Moving forward after a reorganization

Are you able to say your team is one of the
highest performing teams in your organization?

What’s Your Challenge?



Barbara works hand-in-hand with the leader to define the most appropriate process for dealing with team issues or designing a team meeting. She also seeks team input to further clarify the topics most important for the team to address. Every step of the way, Barbara’s intent is to build a sense of shared ownership and a willingness to work together to “raise the bar” in terms of how well the team is functioning. At the conclusion, the tangible agreements are clear and captured in the Next Steps. Ultimately, however, it is the intangible results that really make a difference. The team leaves the meeting keenly aware of the common spirit that lives within them. The early engagement of the team, a well-planned process, and the time spent actually solving issues together inspires enthusiasm, devotion, and strong regard for the honor of the group and its members.



Building a Team Case Study

Communication/Conflict Resolution Case Study

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