Coaching is an ongoing conversation that is connected to what you intend to have happen as a result of working with your coach. The conversation often begins with a story, either about your challenges or the problems others are causing. Inevitably, you will discover the solution is about you. So coaching is personal – deeply personal – as you discover, and then choose, the work most relevant and meaningful to you. As you do that work, you will likely uncover unexpected and profound insights about yourself, others and even humankind.

Where you end up will likely include some surprises too. The intention always is to help you say and hear what is true for you and then align your behaviors and actions accordingly.




Executive/Leader Coaching can help if you are:

  • Beginning a new management role
  • Wanting to progress within an organization or transition to a new career.
  • Feeling pressure to achieve aggressive goals and motivate others while working within a matrix environment where personal influence is key to success.
  • Having interpersonal difficulties and need to decide how to best deal with those difficulties
  • Wishing to raise the bar on your personal and professional effectiveness
  • Dealing with a pressing and time sensitive issue
  • Wanting to improve leadership team collaboration and communication

What’s Your Challenge?



When you work with Barbara, your coaching first begins with a discussion about your motivation and desired outcomes.  What will be different when this work is complete?  Together you will create a Scorecard for defining specific competency-based outcomes, what success means for each and how you can track progress. Then the work really begins.

Barbara’s approach is integrative and includes presence-based coaching and developmental learning about how you make sense of the world. As you reflect on deep questions and the subsequent dialogue, your insights will be rich and rewarding. You will look at what is working and what is not and you will find ways to get unstuck in areas where previously you could not. Barbara’s offer to you includes an authentic appreciation for who you are, where you have been, your wins, your struggles and especially your humanness.



Executive Coaching Case Study

Coaching Leaders Case Study

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