Coaching is a relationship established for the sole purpose of enabling the client to get what they want – and to get it more quickly and easily.

Typically, what they want is either to:

  • Identify, prioritize and achieve goals or Define, prioritize and resolve challenges. Those challenges often include dealing with relationship and work issues that may be draining energy and enthusiasm from the client’s life.
  • Coaching can follow a leadership development program or be a stand-alone service for executives and leaders seeking to raise the bar on their personal and professional effectiveness.
  • When working with Barbara, clients find it is a safe place for self discovery. Her skilled assessment and focused, thought-provoking questions help leaders recognize and tap their individual gifts, creativity and resources to provide the following:
    • planning and facilitation services to client groups so the leader and participants can focus on being present, listening, asking relevant questions and bringing relevant content to the conversation and as it pertains to their roles and their functions.
    • design meeting agendas based on leader/participant input and for the purpose of addressing specific and timely topics with clearly defined outcomes.
    • respond “in the moment” in the meeting to emerging content and/or needs of the group and ensure agreement if we modify the agenda.
    • constructive group process, dynamics and interactions so that groups can talk about what they need to, address changes, solve problems or think strategically vs. getting caught up in the day-to-day tactical demands that otherwise and typically get all of their time, energy and effort.



The coaching approach below is a six month process which incorporates 360° feedback, typically in the form of one-on-one interviews. This feedback drives an action plan, which includes specific goals, defines success and gives focus to the coaching work.
Barbara also works with clients using a “Just in Time Coaching” model. Clients may request one or more coaching sessions to help them deal with pressing or time sensitive issues. No matter which approach is used, coaching provides a safe place to explore relevant and powerful questions and gives clarity and confidence the client.


Executive/Leader Coaching can help if you are:

  • Beginning a new management role
  • Wanting to progress within an organization or transition to a new career.
  • Feeling pressure to achieve aggressive goals and motivate others while working within a matrix environment where personal influence is key to success.
  • Having interpersonal difficulties and need to decide how to best deal with those difficulties



A leader who is:

  • Planning a strategic meeting where their engagement as a content expert, as well as participant buy-in to the results, is critical.
  • Already spread too thin and needs support in planning and conducting effective team meetings.
  • Working with a team struggling to “get off the ground” and tap the collective wisdom of the group.