My first blog as managing partner at HunterRockhold.    I am so fortunate to have had a very successful and enriching career (so far).   My 40+ years’ experience in clinical research and drug development (see About Frank) have prepared me for my new life in consulting with HunterRockhold.  I am grateful to my spouse Barbara Hunter for restructuring her well- established business to accommodate my “next chapter”.

I have spent the first chapter of my career gathering knowledge and experience in how to bring medicines to patients and studying the safety of these drugs.  This work has included supporting standards and transparency of clinical trial data and results to ensure the benefits and risks of available treatments are known to all.  My employers have been extremely generous in allowing me to invest time, especially in the latter two initiatives and the scientific community, and I am grateful for those opportunities.

As I move into the next stage of my professional life as part of HunterRockhold, Inc. and a professor at Duke University School of Medicine, my focus will be on expanding my impact and influence by collaborating with my consulting clients and colleagues at Duke.

In the next 2-3 years, my professional goal is to continue to promote the science of clinical trials and pharmacovigilance, bringing medicines to patients in the safest, most efficient, and transparent manner possible.

You will certainly hear from me again once I have had the opportunity to understand better the life of a consultant and the academic environment.

I look forward to the scientific diversity and challenges ahead in this “new chapter”

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