There has much that has been written about “truth” recently. As a scientist, I want to reiterate that “truth” to me lies in science, the scientific method, and objective data. That principle is what I have dedicated my professional life to and is an apolitical view. This philosophy was driven home to me just the other day when Dr. Mike Klag, a friend and colleague who also happens to be the Dean of the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins posted this article:

Do not let the title mislead you as this is balanced and apolitical advice for our government on 10 critical areas of public health. As usual Mike has focused on key issues and reminded us that when all the rhetoric is washed aside we are all potential patients and lack of attention to data and science benefits no one.

For the sake of our own and our family’s health, let us please let the data and evidence speak for themselves and take us wherever that leads.


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